Industrial Roaster



Industrial Roaster of der TKM-SX Series

Advanced technologies and digital roasting

The Coffee Roast Machine of TKM-SX Series offer infinite solutions for the full range roasting process capacities and fulfill every need of roasting sector. TKM-SX series roasters are already engineered to meet future requirements with structure fully compatible to development and update.

The Toper Industrial Roaster of the TKM-SX series are synonymous to modern technologies with a higher batch capacity compared to conventional coffee roasting machines on the market, guarantee an optimal roasting process of the highest quality. They are real Drum Roaster.

In adittion to Shop Roaster the TKM-SX series offers Toper various models with capacities between 60 to 300 kg batch (240 - 1200 kg hour). Coffee roasting machines with even higher capacity - alone or as part of a fully automated coffee production line - can be manufactured and delivered.

The industrial roasters of the TKM-SX series are supplied standard with Touch Panel System . The Touch Panel System has the necessary interfaces for the use of external coffee roasting software such as Cropster® and Artisan.


  • Sample spoon and observation window
  • Additional observation window for flame
  • Independent cyclone dust collector
  • Touch Panel System
  • Simultaneous roasting and cooling
  • Touch Panel System
  • High capacity cooling system
  • Control system for roasting and exhaust air temperature
  • Safety system and cover for mixers
  • Installation, operation and maintenance manual
  • Free choice of colors for the machine and the drum cover (brass, chrome or copper)



Toper Coffee Roast Maschines (Shop Roaster / Industrial Roasters) meet the most requirements of international standards such as CE Conformity (Europa), ETL (USA), TSE and many more.