Afterburnerr for Shop Roaster / Drum Roaster / Industrial Raoster 3-500kg bacth

Afterburnerr for Shop Roaster / Drum Roaster / Industrial Raoster 3-500kg bacth

Afterburner of TAB Series 3-500kg batch


Toper produces sophisticated afterburners that burn unwanted components such as air gases, smoke, smell and dust particles before they get into the environment.

Use of afterburner

The afterburner of the TAB series can not only be successfully used in coffee plants, but also in numerous systems such as snack roasters, ovens for flatbread and bread, kettles for casting and dyeing plants, radiators and heating systems, disposal ovens.


Compliance with odor emissions

Commissioning of a coffee roasting plant in Germany requires approval from authorities. In addition to various ancillary provisions and requirements, the coffee roasters must comply with the regulations of the Federal Immission Control Act (BImSchV). This includes compliance with the odor immission guideline to ensure that the roaster's exhaust system does not emit inappropriate odor emissions (odor nuisance) to neighboring properties. This is especially true in mixed areas, where many residents live in the immediate vicinity.

The use of afterburner of TAB series leads to effective compliance with the odor immission guideline, so that the air pollution emitted by odors, gases and dusts is strongly up to very strongly limited. In addition, the use of afterburner can make it easier for authorities to issue operating permits.

Here you will find additional information on emission limit values when roasting green coffee!!


International Standard

Toper afterburners provide exhaust air treatment in international EPA standards and fully comply with the worldwide different environmental regulations.

Control and integration of afterburner in the production system

The Toper afterburner of TAB series can be easily integrated into the production system. The afterburner is mounted either horizontally or vertically between the cyclone exhaust and the exhaust system. The afterburner is controlled directly via the coffee roaster and works with propane and natural gas.


Toper manufacturers afterburners in different types, capacities and flow rates for all kinds of production plants. The Afterburner of the TAB series are available with a capacity of 3 to 500 kg batch - compatible to Shop Roaster and Industrial Roaster:

3, 5, 10, 15, 30, 60, 120, 180, 240, 500kg batch

Standard features

  • High performance
  • EPA compliant
  • Compliance with "Clean Air Act" from different countries
  • Perfect emission control and reduction

TAB Afterberner: Technical Data Sheet