Nut, Malt and Cocoa Roaster

  • Röstmaschine für Nusse, Hülsenfrüchte, kakaobohnen
    Rösten von Kakaobohnen / Roasting of Cocoa Beans
TD40 & TD120 Nusröster

Roastmaschine für Nusse, Hülsenfrüchte und Kakaobohnen

Nut, Malt and Cacao Roaster

Roasting of Nuts and Seeds

The Toper nut and seed roasters of the TIS series with a capacity of 40 and 120kg per batch were developed for roasting a wide range of products with a continuous, uniform roasting quality. They have excellent properties such as:

• Precise control of time and temperature
• Special batch design for smooth and gentle bean movements
• Adjustable flame height

Toper nut roasters can optionally be equipped with a PLC module and a water injection unit.

Roasting of Cocoa Beans and Malt kernels

The roasting machines of the TIS series offer ideal solutions for roasting cocoa beans and malt grain . The machines can optionally be equipped with a PLC module for the automation of the roasting process and a water injection unit.

The special batch design of the TIS series ensures the gentle and continuously even bean movements during the roasting process.

Roasting of Legumes and Oil Seeds

The Toper machines of the TIS series can be used for roasting legumes and oil seeds with excellent performance.

Advanced applications:

  • Nuts (Peanut, Chickpeas, Sunflower seeds, Pumpkin seeds, Hazelnuts, Almonds, Pistachio, etc.)
  • Oil Seeds (Sesame seeds, Poppy seeds, Linseeds, Carrot seeds, etc.)
  • Legumes (Chickpeas, Lentils, Cracked Wheat, Butterbeans, Rice, etc.)
  • Cereals (Wheats, Barley, Oats, Ryes, Corns, etc.)
  • Spices (Cummin, Chili Pepper, etc.)

Standart features & equipment:

  • Sampling spoon and sight glass
  • Simultaneous roasting and cooling
  • High performance cooling tray and fan system
  • Cooling tray / mixer safety system
  • Heat indicator and digital control panel
  • Installation, start-up and user’s manual

Optional equipment:

  • PLC roasting
  • Afterburner
  • Feeder (pneumatic or mechanical)
  • Automatic feeding and dumping
  • Destoner

Technical Data Sheet TIS40

Technical Data Sheet TIS120