The most powerful mini roaster of the world

The real drum roaster

The Cafemino is a small Drum Roaster that has all the advantages and strength of a professional industrial roaster.

Thanks to its small size, it fits anywhere and roasts 50g - 1kg/ batch (up to 4 kg green coffee / hour) in premium roasting quality. The small Coffee Roaster is best suited for both commercial and private use at home.

Excellent technology

After many years of research and development, the Cafemino came onto the market in 2006. The goal: to use the highest industrial coffee roasting technologies with absolute high-tech in the smallest space.

The safety, heat and energy control systems from Cafemino are the most powerful among the drum roasters in the world.

Rated Quality

The Cafemino is by far the least expensive coffee roaster in its class, and the most sold coffee roaster worldwide. The small drum roaster is highly sought after by many roasters from more than 123 countries due to its reliability and ease of use. Cafemino is the small professional companion and gem of every roaster, coffee shop, café and private individuals.

Excellent Price-Performance Ratio

The smallest professional coffee roaster in the world offers many technical futures and options at an excellent price-performance ratio. Thanks to the included free of charge mobile under-table, the use of Cafemino is guaranteed everywhere.

The small all-round Drum Roaster for everywhere

The perfect coffee master roasting is his mission. Thanks to its rated quality and industrial mileage, Cafemino is ideal for small and large roasters, specialty coffees, coffee shops, cafes and similar sales outlets. For its ability to roast quantities as small as 50 g, the Cafemino is highly recognized among the world's coffee roasters. The Cafemino is also ideal for product development with an efficient result.

The Cafemino (TKM-SX1) can optionally be ordered with a Touch Panel System. The use of the touch panel system results the reduction in roasting time and an increase in quality assurance. Touch Panel System has the necessary interfaces for the use of external coffee roasting software such as Cropster® and Artisan.

Operating Versions

The Cafemino works very economically and is available in Gas (Natur/Propan) and/or Electrical versions:

Cafemino Gas is equipped with security systems such as electronic ignition, gas failure safety, and fire protection system. Cafemino gas works with UL certified electronics and gas equipment. View please the technical data sheet for Cafemino Gas technical data sheet TKM-SX G 1kg .

Cafemino Elektric works with an automatic shutdown system for power outages. View please the technical data sheet for Cafemino Electric technical data sheet TKM-SX E 1kg .


  • Sample spoon and observation window
  • Additional viewing window for flame
  • Integrated cyclone dust collector
  • Roasting and cooling at the same time
  • Very quiet (low noise) when fully used
  • Safety system for mixers
  • Replacement gas nozzle set for propane or natural gas
  • Control system for roasting and exhaust air temperature
  • Installation, operation and maintenance manual
  • Free choice of colors for the machine and the drum cover (brass, chrome or copper)



The Cafemino meets the most requirements of international standards such as CE Conformity (Europe), ETL (USA), TSE and many more.


Coffee Roasting is traditionally a craft work with passion. Experienced roasters create their own roasting profile for each coffee, which emphasizes the individual character of the roasted coffee.

In this context, the Drum Roast Process is a gentle coffee roasting process. By determining the roasting time and roasting temperature, the coffee roaster has a decisive influence on the final properties of the roasted coffee beans, such as sweetness, aroma, color, acidity, etc.