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Touch Screen Profile System

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Touch Screen Profile System
Control with your fingertips

The Shop Roaster with Touch Panel System make the whole roasting process much easier.

TThe system is designed with the goal of reducing the roasting time and increasing the roast quality. It is a great tool for roastmasters at roasteries, coffee shops and cafés.

Roasting profiles or coffee roasting recipes can be preset, saved and loaded with simple touches.

Once roasting profiles or recipes have been set, they can be called up at any time. This ensures the constant roasting quality.

Touch panel system offers a total of 12 storage spaces for storing 12 roasting profiles. The saved coffee roasting profiles can be replaced at any time by other coffee roasting profiles and called up indefinitely.

Via the additional Ethernet USB connection, the roaster can observe the roasting process using an external computer and optimize its roasting profile. This system is compatible with Cropster® Software.

Likewise, the coffee roaster of the Toper's TKM-SX series can communicate with other software such as Artisan via USB interface. Artisan "is an open-source software that helps coffee roasters record, analyze, and control roast profiles. This software can automate the creation of roasting metrics to help make decisions that influence the final coffee flavor".